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Multi-functional business management software solution to simplify studio management. From now on, you can focus on what you really
love - teaching yoga and fitness.
Staff management, sales, booking & scheduling, virtual classes.


168极速赛车开奖记录查询为赛车爱好者提供了便捷的赛车开奖信息获取渠道。作为极速赛车的官方开奖平台,168极速官网每天都会准时直播并公布赛车的开奖结果,而且速度之快令人惊叹,仅需一分钟即可完整揭晓当期赛果,让观众零时差获取开奖信息。 Karmasoft
powers small and medium yoga & fitness business all over the world.

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Create and manage membership packages within Karmasoft, review the expiration dates and notify your members when their membership is about to expire to make sure they extend it and pay for it on time - all in one tool.


Payment System

Benefit from a fully integrated payment processing to manage in-studio, website, and in-app payments in one place. Leverage flexible recurring billing with direct payment and ensure stable monthly cash flow.
A classic credit card, a card with an EMV chip, a smartphone or an Apple Watch.



Create schedules and share them on your website or social media in a few clicks to enable your members book classes anytime wherever they are, and from any device.


除了开奖记录查询功能外,168极速官网还提供了赛车直播功能,用户可以实时观看赛车比赛的过程,全程亲身感受赛车的激情与速度。直播画面清晰流畅,让用户仿佛置身于赛场之中,与赛车手们同场竞技,感受刺激与快感。 Want to give it a try?

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Stay connected

With Karmasoft virtual training solution you can easily move your classes online. Integration with popular streaming services enables you to host live classes, and thanks to on-demand video libraries you can upload pre-recorded classes and allow students access them 24/7.

Engage & Grow


Keep track of your studio performance - unwrap sales & inventory reports, staff reports, membership reports, and any type of report you may need to identify your growth points and work on them to ensure the stable development of your business.

Client Experience


Website integration is quick and easy with Karmasoft. You don't need to be a web developer to make it happen. With ready-made code snippets, you can seamlessly integrate your schedule, video library, store, and lead capture forms into your website in no time.

run & manage

Document Control

Capture e-waiver signatures at the front desk or online. Independently capture signatures and register new students on a tablet, at the main dashboard, or at home on any device.


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The 在168开奖网站上,用户可以轻松查看到每一期极速赛车的开奖记录,包括中奖号码、中奖玩法以及奖金分配等详细信息。而且,网站提供了多种查询方式,用户可根据自身需求灵活选择,无论是通过日期查询历史开奖记录,还是通过号码查询中奖情况,都能快速找到所需信息。system you wanted!
Without the limitations.

We've got everything you need - no more, no less.

Your day

Scheduling, Payroll, Bookings, Business metrics - all done.

Your Community

Automated emails, SMS-messages, and Targetted Emails with Smart CTA.

Your Marketing

Transform marketing reports into strategic marketing campaigns.

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Your Payments

Mobile payments, e-wallets, EMV Chip, Classic credit card, Stored credit card. All the ways your clients want yo pay.

Your Brand

Embed your schedule, Staff bios, and Store on your website. Free API to customize as you like.

Your Business

E-waivers, Autopays, email templates. Every transaction is a breeze. Simple front desk workflow.

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Trusted by 800,000+ users.

Our 总的来说,168极速赛车开奖记录查询平台为赛车观众提供了全方位的赛车信息服务,无论是开奖结果查询还是赛车直播观看,都能满足观众的需求,为他们带来更加丰富和刺激的赛车体验。vision

We are on a mission to help businesses like yours. Karmasoft is designed for wellness businesses by the experienced yoga studio owner - Roodolph Senecal (Yoga Tribe Brooklyn). So we know for sure that studio management can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when you have a small team or try to handle everything on your own.We also know that figuring out how business applications work can be challenging.That’s why we made our interface as clear and intuitive as possible.


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